Innovating for the future through technology

This is what Edge UOL is all about

We like to say that we are people passionate about technology within the UOL Group. We use the technological experience of the largest content portal in Latin America to contribute to other companies seeking innovation through technology.

UOL was a pioneer of the internet in Brazil, and being part of this group fills us with pride.

More than that, it endorses us as a pioneering company in innovation, born from experiences like UOL DIVEO and Compass UOL.

Edge UOL emerges directly from the spin-off of the infrastructure services unit of Compass UOL.

That is, it was created from an already existing company to better serve customers.

This gives our customers the confidence that we are a reliable, solid, and efficient company, capable of offering hybrid and consistent solutions, accessible, scalable, and customizable to modernize companies' infrastructure.

But, we do not just offer known solutions. We like to experiment and help our clients be disruptive in their businesses. Our proposal is always consultative. We start with the pains and understanding of the business to land and apply our architecture framework using a structure composed of six transdisciplinary teams, located in innovation areas, specialized in projects called Innovation Studios.

A model, a startup mindset to meet the constant changes in the market. The culture of innovation is in our DNA.

If you need people who seek to innovate, optimize, and manage your systems efficiently and resiliently, prepared and passionate, and with experience in thousands of companies, so you can focus on your business, welcome to Edge UOL.

Discover our differentiators

icone Contact with the most advanced technologies in the global market
icone Organizational Structure focused on the customer through Growth PODs
icone Strategic partnerships with major global players
icone Experience in all business segments
icone Specialized technical teams, passionate about technology and innovation, organized by Innovation Studios (transdisciplinary teams specialized in projects)
icone With a 'true hybrid infrastructure' approach, we integrate IoT, Edge, and Cloud, both private and public, creating agile, secure, and scalable solutions

Excellence and security


Here at Edge UOL, we know that those who work with technology need to be constantly updated. Therefore, our team of technology experts has access to various specific contents, to increasingly know about the solutions we offer - and how to apply them in a personalized way to each client.

Edge UOL invests in certifications for the brand and the entire team. Thus, our customers are sure they are hiring the best the market has to offer, with quality and security. Follow our certifications:

Brings to the customer the security that Edge UOL meets requirements, processes, and standards that ensure effective information security management according to the strictest market standards.

Our commitment to performance and excellence in the pursuit of quality is proven with this certification. We work consistently for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Edge UOL is a company certified by the first formal international standard for IT service management. More than pioneering, recognition for the excellence of services we provide to our clients.

Security and confidentiality proven in the payment solutions that Edge UOL offers to customers, with the support of the best partners in the market.

Proven efficiency in contractual requirements, internal controls, and guaranteed adequacy of processes. Certified credibility so that the customer has peace of mind in hiring.

ISG Provider Lens™ Reports

One of the most relevant international studies done for the IT market attests to the reliability and quality of Edge UOL.

Other highlights:

Companies that trust Edge UOL’s work

Private Networks

Private Networks

Edge UOL's Private Networks boost productivity for an airport industry client.