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Cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions

We connect your company to the future with innovative infrastructure services, designed for the rapidly evolving digital era.

Customized solutions

If you already know what your company needs, Edge UOL offers innovative solutions, prioritizing excellence and focusing on customer needs.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

The fastest-growing cloud globally, renowned for high resilience, availability, and performance.

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Edge VMware Cloud

Optimize your IT investment with a hybrid or private cloud solution, ensuring security for your company.

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AI Operations

A fusion of AI and IaC that brings future IT infrastructure management into the present, offering unmatched efficiency, agility, and accuracy.

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Solutions that anticipate and neutralize threats, providing the resilience and security needed in an era of hyperconnectivity.

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Innovation Infrastructure

Technological strategies that integrate IoT and Edge Computing solutions to create intelligent and ultra-connected environments.

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Private Networks

Robust private network solutions crafted with advanced technologies like 4G, 5G, and SD-WAN to ensure secure and optimized connectivity for your company.

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Payment Solutions

Advanced solutions for payment system integration, combining secure payment gateways, efficient EDI, and streamlined NF-e management.

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Hosting and Data Center

Equip your company with a secure and scalable IT infrastructure, supported by robust infrastructure in the country's most modern data centers.

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We are Edge UOL

A company driven by creative people passionate about technology, crafting technological solutions with the customer at the forefront.

Discover Edge UOL

How we do digital transformation

Discover our key case studies and see firsthand how Edge UOL's infrastructure solutions have significantly impacted real businesses and can revolutionize yours as well.


Voilter Bank

Voilter Bank

Discover how UOL and Edge UOL implemented the first AWS Outposts in Latin America, promoting Edge Computing for an enhanced user experience. Learn more about this innovative solution and its benefits.


Blue Tree

Blue Tree

With assistance from Edge UOL, the company has migrated to the national VMware Cloud, moving from an outdated computing environment to a nimble and more capable cloud solution.

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Edge UOL renames Innovation Studio to reflect focus on AI Operations

Change from Autonomous Operations to AI Operations aligns with the evolution and modernization of IT services. 

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Edge UOL keeping an eye on the private networks market

The company engages in defining the architecture, deploying, and managing 5G private telecommunications networks.

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Edge UOL transforms Brazilian businesses with integrated IoT solutions

The company is at the forefront of this change by empowering other businesses in Brazil to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity through computer vision and mediation in prediction and control.

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The contribution of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity

Check out our COO, Rodrigo Rangel Lobo's article on how integrating AI into security solutions enhances threat identification and response, strengthening the work of specialists.

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Digital transformation within everyone's reach

We demystify the key concepts in IT infrastructure, presenting them in simple language so you can understand what your company needs and how we can bring innovation into everyday life.

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Digital transformation <b>within everyone's reach</b><br>

Edge UOL anticipates the future

Drawing from UOL's legacy of innovation, operational since 1996, we serve as transformational agents in the IT sectors of leading companies, offering creative and innovative solutions with tomorrow's technology. Talk with our experts and rely on the experience of those who have been leading the internet in Brazil.

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