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Edge UOL was born in a digital-transformed scenario with the certainty of being prepared to assist businesses of all sizes and industries in facing the challenges of this new world. We believe that good business results come with the support of innovation to anticipate the future.

Part of the UOL Group, Edge UOL is a 100% Brazilian company whose purpose is to deliver differentiated technology services and offer a unique hybrid experience connecting technology and workloads from and to anywhere, with ultralow latency, performance, and resilience. We bring the best of Edge Computing and Virtualization technology services to corporations, adding expertise and automation to the management of information technology and security services

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Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Edge computing extends your cloud environment’s computing and data storage power to the network edge, closer to end users and devices, and thus getting as close as possible to data sources.

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Autonomous Operations

Autonomous Operations

The new generation of customized managed services for your business.

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Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization Technologies

With VMware Cloud and AWS, it is possible to streamline and execute state-of-the-art applications with absolute security and maximum cost-effectiveness and performance.

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5G Cloud Connect

5G Cloud Connect

Connect your private and public clouds, local devices, and IoT and achieve a reliable hybrid experience.

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Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

One of its key benefits is low latency, which allows the adoption of technologies that require immediate responses, such as IoT, telemedicine, finance, and agribusiness applications. It is essential for operating real-time applications without delays and downtime.

Combining hybrid cloud with edge computing broadens possibilities and creates on-demand experiences, enabling new applications and distributed data analysis on the edge. This cloud evolution offers numerous opportunities and innovations with increased use of AI models at the edge, innovative applications, and disruptive performance models. It is the future of the business built today.

Centralized & Distributed

Cloud (Private, Edge, Multi, Public, Hybrid)

Edge Computing across all sectors

Technology, Media & Telecom - TMT

In the telecom industry, edge computing solutions assist in unburdening local data traffic by avoiding the transport of massive amounts of data (exabyte) through the network. The results are reduced costs related to data transfer and increased security with local edge gateways.

Retail & Marketplace

Retail is one of the world’s most competitive industries, and it relies on technology as a powerful ally to overcome challenges. Edge computing contributes by expediting business evolution throughout several online, offline, and managerial environments, creating immersive and customized omnichannel experiences in line with the physical model. All the while reducing latency on data processing and safely streamlining customer service.

Transportation & Logistics

Edge computing, together with new data transmission technologies, is revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industry, making viable many applications – some still on trial phases – such as autonomous cars, ships, and trains. Without the low latency provided by edge computing, these applications do not reach the efficiency and the security needed and cannot rely on agile decision-making.

Payments and Finance

In the financial services sector, traders must often make real-time decisions in the wake of sudden events and market changes. In this scenario, the slightest delay in data processing could lead to substantial financial losses. Edge computing thrives in this and many other financial market challenges by offering ultra-low latency and high performance in data processing.

Edge Uol and Compass experience

With more than 20 years of experience in various IT infrastructure architectures, Edge Uol has the architecture framework for the cloud and edge computing journey that makes cloud adoption and migration much easier. With the right strategy, cloud provider, and governance, Edge Uol, in partnership with Compass, is ready to provide innovative infrastructure and applications solutions.

Is your company ready for the future? It has already started

Having an infrastructure ready to support new possibilities is paramount to get ahead in a world transformed by digital hyper-connectedness.

The future is already present on the market with the evolution of emerging applications supported by IoT's smart sensors, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and the new connectivity generations, such as 5G, which are bringing an explosion of innovation and business opportunities.

An IDC study predicts that by 2025, there will be more than 75 billion IoT devices in the world. It raises a warning sign to not only prepare for challenging management of IoT devices but, most importantly, prepare to deal with an unimaginable amount of data and content produced by these devices.

The future begins with Edge Computing

Digital has expedited technological evolution and imposed high speed on the market to create disruptive solutions and products. The cloud has been and continues to be essential for all the transformations that are taking place.

Edge computing is part of the evolution, as it brings in a valuable element: low latency, which means agility in response time, capable of making viable applications that until not long ago were considered futuristic, such as autonomous vehicles.

With Edge Computing, all the processing power comes to the edge, next to devices and users, closer to data sources. It happens because the process is no longer centralized on large data center structures but in micro and smaller data centers scattered across several sites. This new architecture will change how business is carried out and take the user experience to another level with the 5G arrival. Telemedicine, self-driving cars, and every application requiring ultra-low latency will operate at greater efficiency, speed, and security. Embark on the future now!

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Autonomous Operations

Autonomous Operations

Edge Uol experts' team structures autonomous operations to suit the requirements and specificities of your business based on the market's leading technology trends on platforms and current and emerging technologies, which offer the proper support to the operation.

We manage your company’s entire technological environment so you can focus on your business. Our excellence in monitoring and observability ensures total operation availability, anticipating actions that prevent inactivity, thus avoiding financial losses and reputation damages.

Autonomous Operations

Automated Monitoring

Agility is critical for business continuity and quick decision-making, increasing competitiveness. We use technologies and tools that enable anything from the automatic activation of an analyst to self-healing to restore the environment, often before they need expert interaction.

Environment Indicators

With the flexibility to adjust to the environment, the Edge Uol Smart Monitoring framework provides visibility over what is relevant for decision-making, quickly and effectively.

Scale Economy

A monitoring solution to suit the client’s requirements. We offer cost predictability to ensure efficient monitoring of your environment.

System integration

Simplified system integrations, N1 and N2 service automation, and fast notification of problems.

Differentiated Management

Through demand and business characteristics analysis, we came up with a set of metrics to define the state of the components.

  • Smart Monitoring
  • 24x7 monitoring and environment automation
  • Establishment of monitoring metrics


Each project has different requirements according to the goals of each business. For tailored-made projects, the NOC is prepared to meet each case individually. In addition to the framework providing. Monitoring and Self-Healing.

Artificial Intelligence

We use high technology that promotes response patterns from the components of the solutions, so we can act preventively and reduce critical incidents.

Managed Services

  • OS/BD/MW/ERP/Applications and infrastructure management
  • CI/CD for automated, secure database delivery
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS), Governance, SRE
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Performance optimization


  • Cloud infrastructure consultancy and management
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Edge Uol clouds
  • Public clouds


  • Security and vulnerabilities analysis
  • Information and systems protection
  • Privilege management
  • Smart event management

Data & Analytics for environment management

Capacity monitoring and growth forecasting based on historical behavior data.

Analysis and treatment of recurrences by grouping correlated events over time.

Monitoring and Observability

Ensuring a healthy environment

Constant health check of environment

  • Comprehensive services and performance visibility.
  • Environment-specific dashboards.
  • Trouble reports and major issues.

Complete portfolio of tools

  • Flexibility to utilize the client’s tools.
  • Team with expertise on market tools.
  • Constant evolution process on technology use.

Knowledge of the workload

You can rely on a team that knows your environment and requirements and precisely what is critical and what it takes to sustain and evolve it.

Proactivity as a rule

Our expertise translates into actions to ensure an increasingly stable environment that will keep up with market recommendations and best practices.

Daily support

Extensive experience in sustaining complex and highly critical environments. Timelines for responding to requests and incident recovery suited to business needs in SLA contracts.

Preventing means guaranteeing the sustainability of your business. Don't go off the air!

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Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization Technologies

Edge Uol relies on a robust private cloud structure with VMware solutions that render the digital transformation experience accessible to any client, regardless of embedded technology, bringing cloud benefits to modern applications on the most diverse workloads.

Our professionals are experts in a wide range of areas to assist you in a simple, swift, and safe transition of the on-premises environment to the VMware Cloud, aligned with business needs.

Edge Uol DRaaS differentials

  • The best of the DR solution is paying as you use it
  • Cloud to cloud
  • On-premises to the cloud, cloud to on-premises
  • Up to 5 minutes RPO. Multiple RPOs
  • Granularity per MV
  • Cold or warm DR

Edge Uol DaaS differentials

  • Flexibility to support legacy applications
  • Performance
  • Connection to the primary operators in the country, the VMware blast protocol
  • Pioneers in the first Brazilian DaaS implementations
  • Strong VMware partnership

Hybrid Cloud

Our VMware Cloud is already connected via 5G Cloud Connect to leading public clouds through dedicated hubs with authorized partners, connecting directly to AWS, Azure, and Google, for building hybrid environments.

Centralized and smart management

The environment is managed entirely through a panel, which allows operating all resources objectively and separated from other environments. It is possible to manage all computer power, storage, networks, and security from one single, intuitive panel, thus streamlining any activity.

Expanded connectivity

Through the connection with authorized partners, we promote communication between our VMware Cloud and all the leading public clouds, with fast access via Direct Connect (AWS), Express Route (Azure), and Google Connect (GCP) to transform the experience from a private cloud to a hybrid environment.

High availability

VMware Cloud is available from two sites, in São Paulo city center and in Tamboré (SP), which enables the development of high availability environments using Compass communication links to connect them, allowing the use of Compass DRaaS service.

Flexible environment

It is possible to set the instances aligned with each need by allocating vCPUs, memory, and storage (all-flash or hybrid) according to the promptness of the environment, all in the center of a previously placed resources pool or on an on-demand model.

Specialized support

We rely on a team of certified experts to ensure the platform operates aligned with the best practices, constantly adding new functions to the VMware Cloud.

Why choose Edge Uol?

Many organizations have legacy applications they wish to expand with cloud services in a hybrid environment, while others require a fully private cloud environment for controlling governance and security. Here is where Edge Uol comes in, providing companies with hybrid or isolated environments, ensuring total control and protection for critical applications. As a certified VMware cloud partner, Edge Uol sets up hybrid and private cloud environments, offers Disaster Recovery solutions (DRaaS) for greater agility and flexibility and to protect and restore client’s data. Furthermore, it provides Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to ensure a unified management for virtual desktops anywhere in the world in a plain, safe, and flexible manner.

Custom-built for your business strategy

With shielded security and control over critical applications provided by the VMware technology, Edge Uol releases companies from operating their own data centers and reduces costs, enabling them to focus on achieving their strategic goals. With public and hybrid cloud services, we meet the needs of clients that want more than a public cloud and wish to design architectures in line with their strategies.

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5G Cloud Connect

5G Cloud Connect

Edge UOL’s 5G Cloud Connect connects your private and public clouds, local devices, and IoT freely to 5G, the fifth-generation technology pattern for mobile and broadband networks. Embark today on an unparalleled hybrid connectivity experience and take your business to another level.

5G Cloud Connect

High velocity

The 5G Cloud Connect aligns with the digital era, which increasingly requires more velocity to provide quicker, safer, and more stable data transference across public clouds AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and the Edge UOL cloud, based on VMware Cloud. It is the best cloud experience to offer both clients and users.

Benefits of the 5G cloud connect

  • Lower latency and more security
  • Flexibility to contract leading clouds and to choose velocity
  • Substantial improvement in the access experience of public cloud-hosted applications
  • Solution design, respecting the strictest standards of criticality and security
  • Hybrid connectivity from anywhere to anywhere

Direct connection to our cloud and to world-leading clouds

5G Cloud Connect is the best option to transfer data quickly, safely, and stably from your data center to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google public clouds, in addition to the Edge’s VMware-based cloud, in an unparallel cloud experience for end-users.

Connect to leading cloud players


AWS Direct Connect

Establish a dedicated network connection from your hosting site to AWS.

Google Cloud Interconnect

Seamlessly connect to a Google Cloud location with partner interconnect.

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Establish private connections to Azure at an ExpressRoute location.


Proprietary cloud derived from the partnership with VMware.

Connection for business expansion

The decision to migrate the business, or parts of it, to a private or public cloud can be easier than it seems, even when the company chooses to maintain part of the environment on-premises. It is possible to achieve a hybrid environment with the guarantee of a safe and reliable model.

With Edge Uol’s 5G Cloud Connect, your business’s digital transformation will advance, promoting innovation and a journey of new opportunities. Connect your networks and change the path of your business.

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What we do

Edge UOL offers a complete portfolio focused on the world of infrastructure, sectioned by technology towers, our Innovation Studios. See our solutions below.

Edge Computing
  • Outposts AWS (on-prem)
  • Architecture Design Framework (consulting)
  • Implementation / Setup
  • Management
  • Migration and Cloud Journey
  • Cost Optimization
  • Security & Governance
5G Cloud Connect
  • Consulting & Management
  • Connectivity (lan-to-lan)
  • UMC (AWS, Google e Azure)
  • O-RAN Private 5G Networks
  • SD-WAN
  • Licenses & Reseller
    • Microsoft
    • Scala
    • VMware
    • Others
Autonomous Operations
  • Implementation & Management
    • Agile IT Governance
    • Database
    • O365 Services
    • Sysadmin
    • Network
    • SAP Services
    • Backup & Storage Services
    • Kubernetes / Docker
    • Monitoring
    • DevSecOps e SRE
    • Digital Workplace - Support
  • Cybersecurity
    • Ransomware Protection
    • DDoS Protection
    • SIEM
    • Vulnerability Scan
    • PAM (Privileged Access Management)
    • Web Application Firewall
    • SSL Certificates
    • Governance
Virtualization Technologies
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud
  • Daas - Desktop as a Service
  • DRaaS - DR as a Service
  • Modern Applications Cloud Native
  • Hosting
    • Backup
    • Storage
    • Servers
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